This Is US in purity

February 18, 2018

Pastor Craig talks about the importance of purity in our lives and how the impurity we see is the evidence of a much deeper issue.


This Is US in singleness

February 13, 2018

Pastor Renee talks about the value of a singleness season of life.  There is opportunity available to you during this season that isn't when you're married, don't miss it.


This Is US: 5 for 5

February 5, 2018

We start off the series by hearing from 5 Crosspointe Life family members sharing from their perspective on their stage of life.


Stay In Your Lane: You Are A Dreamer

January 29, 2018

Pastor Renee wraps up our series, Stay In Your Lane by calling out the dreamer inside each one of us.


Stay In Your Lane: You Are Family

January 22, 2018

Pastors Barry & Kandee talk about our third core motive, You Are Family, in a way that only a spiritual Father and Mother can.


Stay in your Lane: You Are Called

January 16, 2018

Pastor Craig talks about our calling as The Church and sets a framework in pace for us to discover our individual destinies.


Stay In Your Lane: You Are Loved

January 8, 2018

Pastor Renee continues our series Stay In Your Lane by talking about what motivates us to fulfill our Mandate of Connecting people with  their purpose, impacting communities wtih hope.  This week Renee looks at You Are Loved.


Stay In Your Lane

January 2, 2018

Pastor Barry starts our new teaching series off by talking about the destination of our Crosspointe lIfe family.


Love Revolution: God Through Us For The One

December 26, 2017

Pastor Barry talks to us about being impacted by the love of God so that we can love those that we really don't want to but are called to.


Love Revolution: God In Us

December 18, 2017

Pastor Renee talks to us about the upside down Kingdom that we belong to  and how incredible it is that God lives in us.