Love Revolution: God Through Us For The One

December 26, 2017

Pastor Barry talks to us about being impacted by the love of God so that we can love those that we really don't want to but are called to.


Love Revolution: God In Us

December 18, 2017

Pastor Renee talks to us about the upside down Kingdom that we belong to  and how incredible it is that God lives in us.


Love Revolution: God With Us

December 4, 2017

Pastor Craig kicks off our Christmas series, LOVE REVOLUTION, by looking at Immanuel, God with us.


Light in Dark Places: Walking The Wilderness

November 27, 2017

Pastor Renee talks to us about the place in between our promise and the fulfillment and how to navigate that place.


Elephant in the Room: Living In The Grace of Generosity

November 13, 2017

Pastor Barry wraps up our Elephant in the room series with a word on being a people that live in the grace of generosity where we consistenly grow in our giving.


Elephant in the Room: The Rabble

November 6, 2017

Pastor Craig talks to us about the constant battle to have more and how we can change our mindset to win the battle.


Elephant in the room - Mammon & Poverty Spirit

October 30, 2017

Pastor Renee talks about the evidence of mammon and poverty spirit in our lives and how to break from from them.


Elephant in the room: Lets talk Prosperity

October 23, 2017

Pastor Barry talks about prosperity from a Biblical perspective; debunking false teachings and establishing a proper foundation.


Elephant in the Room: The tithe, what’s your and what’s not.

October 16, 2017

Pastor Craig begins our series on finances by teaching about the tithe from both the Old and New Testament.


Matt Gonzales - The Promises of God

October 9, 2017

CPLC Family Friend Matt Gonzales is with us and shares a word on The Promises of God.